ORLC Newsletter December 2019
From the Pastor
“When I came to you, brothers and sisters, I did not come proclaiming the mystery of God to you in lofty words or wisdom. For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and him crucified.”—1 Corinthians 2:1-2
I’m finally getting to a place in my life where I appreciate the mysteries of God, and of life.
When I was a kid I loved reading mysteries. “Nancy Drew”, “The Hardy Boys”, “The Bobbsey Twins”, were my earliest reading pleasures.  Eventually I grew up to read Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes and every other mystery novel I could find.  I’m probably the only kid in my hometown who took a notebook to the card catalogue at the library so that I could write down every title they had in my favorite kind of books to make sure that I read very one.
But they were just stories.  They were clever.  But they weren’t real.
Later, college and seminary seduced me into thinking that there were people in the world who knew all the answers, who had the keys to unlock the mysteries of life.  My quest became to master the information, to unlock the mysteries, to become one of those seductive masters.  But I never got there.  I’m no closer today than I was when I began.
And through all these years, life itself continued to unwind and unravel and turn and twist and surprise and shock and comfort me with mystery upon mystery.  Events and circumstances and accidents and wonders.
Nothing in all of this makes much sense anymore because it doesn’t need to make sense.  Sense is no longer the point because it never was.  Love was the point.  It always has been and always will be.  Love.  Connections. Surrender.  Christ crucified.
Mystery today has become an invitation to me.  An invitation to enter, to wonder, to explore, to be amazed. Asking the right questions has become so much more life giving than knowing the right answers.
Because, at the end of the day, what we know isn’t nearly as important as Who knows us.

Pastor Dan



“This Changes Everything!” will be the theme for the 2018 Day Camp.  It will be held July 23-27.  Camp Lutherwood will again be providing staff leadership.

We are looking for people to host the Lutherwood folks in their homes for the camp week.  We also need help with snack time as well as people to serve as guides during the week.  Guides work with the campers during the week as they move to and from their various stations.

There will be a Kickoff Potluck BBQ on Sunday, July 22 at 5:00 PM.  Hot dogs, burgers & drinks will be provided.  Bring something to round out the meal.  This is a great opportunity for the congregation to meet the Lutherwood staff as well as the parents and campers who will be with us for the week.

Registration forms are available now.  If you know children between the grades of kindergarten and sixth grade, please let them know about this great week of fun and friendship!

The Snack Pack program is going very well.  We are currently serving twelve families which includes fifty-three children.
Because we are now doing this program on our own, we need to look ahead and ask for your support.  You can provide items such as tuna, peanut butter, or granola bars or provide financial assistance.
This has been a great service to the community by our congregation and we very much want to be able to assistance. 
If you have questions, please contact Nancy Fischer or Carol Bowman.

The weekend of June 15 and 16 offers two events  that will help to support Food for Lane County and, by extension, our Pantry as well.
On Friday, June 15, as a part of the Eugene Emeralds opening night, it will be “Knock Hunger Out of the Park” night.  50% of your ticket purchase will go to support Food for Lane County.  Enjoy some baseball and help fight hunger.

Saturday, June 16 brings the Realtors Food Drive.  Bring your non-perishable food donations to any area Bi-Mart store from 10-4 and representatives from local realtors will be there to collect it.

We appreciate your commitment to keep your giving up to date.
Please remember we need $1952.45 weekly to meet our Annual Budget of expenses!
Below is a record of worship attendance and offerings received for the months of April and May.

Apr 1      90          $1792.00
Apr 8      42          $2255.00
Apr 15     38          $2601.75
Apr 22     44          $ 958.00
Apr 29     38          $ 781.00
May 6      34          $1971.00
May 13     38          $1946.00
May 20     31          $1218.00
May 27     27          $1182.00

Sandi Patton
1452 Fetters Loop
Eugene, Or.  97402
H# 541-688-2008541-688-2008
W# 541-686-2915541-686-2915

      There will be no newsletter for July.  The deadline to submit articles for the August Newsletter is Wednesday, July 25.  Please have your information, hand written or typed in to the church office by this time.  Thanks!






 Tracing roots
The ELCA and Ancestry.com partner on Scandinavian record project
The growing popularity of genealogy has helped people worldwide figure out where their family comes from. Now those interested in learning about their family’s geographic beginnings can also discover their spiritual origins. 
ELCA Archives is working with Ancestry.com researchers to make records from the early-to-mid-1900s available in a digital format for the first time. 
“Having a digital copy will help us help people who are researching where they come from,” said Joel Thoreson, ELCA archivist for management, reference and technology. “The indexing Ancestry does is something we couldn’t do ourselves.” 
Thoreson said about 30 percent of the calls and emails his office gets every year are regarding genealogy, so this project will benefit families, along with the church’s record-keeping. “Putting these records online really helps the process,” he said. “Now you can search in seconds what used to take us hours.” 
Ancestry.com and Archives staff went through rolls of microfilm and thousands of paper records for the project, which went live on Ancestry.com in late March. Records were provided by the Archives; the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center at Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill.; and Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minn. 
“Putting these records online really helps the process,” he said. “Now you can search in seconds what used to take us hours.”
“With all of this we have been able to prepare the largest set of Swedish-American church records in existence,” said Craig Bullough, a content acquisition specialist for Ancestry.com. “It’s exciting because there are so many details that go into these records: dates of baptisms, marriages and deaths—key things people look for when they do their genealogy research. 
“The Swedish collected so much information when they came to America and started their churches. Not many church records give us that much detail.” 
While much of the project gave researchers information on Swedish immigrants, it also led back to Norway, Germany and Denmark. Since such specific details were kept, Thoreson said this will help a great deal in determining religious roots as well as what are considered standard genealogical demographics. 
“People make assumptions they are Lutheran because they come from a ‘Lutheran country,’ ” he said, “but that isn’t always the case. Through these records we will be able to help them figure that out.” 
The ELCA now has more than 8 million records online at Ancestry.com. Bullough said the company plans on continuing to partner with the ELCA on the project in the future. 

Serendipity Circle
      Serendipity Circle will be on hiatus until September.  Have a great summer!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!                          
Happy Birthday who all who celebrate their birthday in June.. 
Have a joyous day!

Ken Hatlelid                    6/03
Denny Davis                    6/06
Patricia Sombs                6/19
Brian Coffman                6/21
Jason Bray                       6/21
T’Nika Richardson         6/24

In May 2009 we launched our Spirit Teams.  These teams will cover most of  the responsibilities during worship, but if you have a special date you want to celebrate by providing the coffee hour and/or the flowers, you may sign up by the Fellowship Hall entrance doors or call the church office (688-2027) for current openings!  Thank you!

July 2018
Altar Guild:  Serendipity Circle
Spirit Team Two
July 1
Coffee Hour          
Offering Counters:     Sandi Patton & Lenore Brown
Altar Guild:                Barb Schlewitz
July 8
Coffee Hour            
Offering Counters:  Roxanne Westra & SherylWinterstein
Altar Guild:                 Barb Schlewitz

July 15
Coffee Hour               
Offering Counters:      Doug Miner & Sarah Coffman
Altar Guild:                Barb Schlewitz
July 22
Coffee Hour               
Offering Counters:      Judy Mullins & Katie Carlson
Altar Guild:                Barb Schlewitz

July 29
Coffee Hour               
Offering Counters:      Sue Kern & Katie Carlson
Altar Guild:                Barb Schlewitz


Team One:    September, December, March, June
Team Two:    July, October, January, April
Team Three: August, November, February, May

If you would like to provide flowers for worship in honor or memory of someone, or simply to praise God, please sign your name on the 2015 green service sign up sheet  located on the podium next to the Fellowship Hall entrance. . Floral arrangements can be from your garden, a store or from a floral shop.  Please remember  to take your flowers with you after service.